2015 F.O.B. Draft Underway

The 2015 Front Office Baseball first-year player Draft got underway on Monday night and the league's teams have made 19 selections already. The Arizona Diamondbacks had the first overall pick and selected H.S. pitcher Brady Aiken out of IMG Academy in Florida. The 6'4" 205 pound Lefty was also the 2014 draft No.1 overall pick but failed to sign with the Astros due to concerns with his arm after a physical. There's no doubt Aiken has all the talent to be an outstanding pro pitcher, but other teams have expressed the same concerns the Astros did with his arm injury and many feel he was taken too high this time around. The rest of the top 5 picks went SS Brendan Rodgers to Houston as compensation for not signing Aiken, P David Berg to Colorado, P Kolby Allard to Texas and SS Dansby Swanson to Houston. The timed portion of the Draft officially gets started tomorrow morning and will wrap-up sometime just after New Years.

Front Office Baseball Launches

Today marked the opening of a new OOTP online baseball league, Front Office Baseball. The league merges remaining members from the OTH and BLB, with Commissioners Charlie Cooper and Mike Barrett joining forces to create a better league and online experience. F.O.B. will use the 2015 MLB Quickstart as a base with standard MLB rules and settings. Leadership has also implemented some tried and tested "house rules" to help the AI out when it comes to contract negotiations. The league is currently in the process of finalizing those rules & settings with several open polls, the initial file has been released and it's expected an Opening Day sim will take place sometime during the week of Dec.7-15. Trading is sure to get started and heat up in the next couple days and Front Office is in for exciting times.

Welcome aboard and good luck!

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There are a few things you should know to get you started.

Every Joomla! Web site has two parts: the Site (which is what your site visitors see) and the Administrator Control Panel (which is where you will do a lot of the site management). You need to log in to the Administrator Control Panel separately with the same username and password. There is a link to the Administrator Control Panel on the top menu that you will see when you log in.

You can edit articles in the Site by clicking on the edit icon. You can create a new article by clicking on the Create Article link in the top menu.

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Some quick tips for working in the Administrator

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Once you have your basic site you may want to edit this template.

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